# Editor

Neovim is my text editor of choice and has an ecosystem of plugins and features that I do not see myself getting bored of using anytime soon. The Language Server Protocol (LSP) and Treesitter additions in Neovim's 0.5 release have added the majority of the niceties from VS Code that I had been missing as a primarily front-end web developer. Of course, this is on top of Vim's modal editing paradigm which (in my opinion) once one has learned the basics of, is unrivalled in editing and navigation efficiency for developers. Let alone the fact that I just have more fun reading and writing code when I can use Vim's modal system to think less and spend more time just thinking about the code! If you haven't given Vim or Neovim a try, they are not some antiquated and outdated text editors that are useless. I encourage you to try installing a Vim plugin in your favorite text editor of choice and just spend a week or two trying to learn the basics of editing and navigating text with Vim's modal bindings. It's great for both your health (since you will be using the mouse less and using less pinky-breaking keyboard shortcuts) and your enjoyment of writing code!